The London Flight Sim: An immersive flying experience

The London Flight Sim is a bespoke creation of the latest X-Plane 10 platform from Laminar Research and Saitek hardware. Uniquely constructed by Anthony Davis in an underground, custom prepared suite that is designed to replicate an aircraft cockpit. The walls are clad to prevent outside disturbance and serve to effectively recreate a cockpit ambience. The chairs connect to the simulator via Bluetooth and are technically capable of turning sound into vibration for an intuitive feel to flying.

A large HD screen replicates the interior of the cockpit and outside world with dramatic realism. As you provide an input on the yoke or throttle quadrant, this is replicated on-screen. Within seconds, the senses are convinced you are in a real cockpit, such is the authenticity of the setup.

Having flown all of the publicly available simulators in London, Anthony has combined all of the best features to create an unrivalled sensory experience, utilising the latest HD graphics, digital surround sound and vibrating seats. He says “People forget that light aircraft can be very bumpy, noisy and claustrophobic! The London Flight Sim can accurately recreate that experience, without even leaving the ground. You can feel the turbulence going right through you – it’s a lot of fun, and entirely safe!”

The simulator can be effortlessly configured to recreate a broad range of aircraft types for visitors to experience. These include Single engine piston and turboprops, twins and commercial airliners. The trusty Flying School aircraft are available and include Piper Archer and Seneca and Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Caravan.

This expansive range of aircraft cater for the novice pilot before a trial lesson or for GA pilots keen to refresh their knowledge ahead of an exam without the expense of an additional hour in the air. with an instructor. Commercial pilots enjoy flying instrument approaches and practicing emergency procedures using our Boeing 787 Dreamliner simulation in a relaxed, pilot friendly environment.

If you have a specific request regarding an aircraft / cockpit setup, Anthony will be happy to discuss this. He recently had a booking from a young lady pilot who was due to do a check ride with a major commercial carrier for a prospective job. He installed the Dash 8 aircraft just for her so she was able to practice flying the exact routing and approaches that the airline had specified, on type.

Private pilot and television personality Carol Vorderman accepted an invitation from Anthony to practice her attempt to become the ninth woman in history to complete a solo trip across the globe as part of her new television show on Channel 5. Anthony installed an identical simulation of Carol’s Diamond DA-42 Twinstar named ‘Mildred’, including the G1000 glass cockpit to enable Carol to practice approach her complex routing in all weathers.

CVThe advantage of a software based simulator is its versatility. If you’ve ever flown X-Plane on a home computer you may have thought ‘wow this would be amazing on a big screen with a proper yoke and pedals’. Anthony has taken that concept several stages further to full utilise what can be achieved on a home system, utilising iPads to provide GPS and avionics input control along with Saitek hardware to provide ultra realistic yoke, throttle quadrant and pedal features. Add Anthony as an  instructor screen to adjust settings during flight such as weather, aircraft equipment failures etc, you will struggle to find a more realistic and enjoyable experience. The immersive flight simulator is an affordable alternative to expensive full motion sims and quite simply, fantastic.

Video of the Sim

A short video of the author, Andy, landing a Piper Archer in gusty condition at London City Airport is available to view on the Get into Flying YouTube channel, via this link.


The London Flight Sim is located beneath The AOPA Pilot Store at:

50a Cambridge St,

United Kingdom


The London Flight Sim is only 5 minutes from Victoria Tube Station on the (blue) Victoria Line.

There is a discount for AOPA members and please quote your AOPA membership upon contact.

The super realistic X-Plane 10 platform from Laminar Research is also sold as a retail pack of six DVD’s in The Pilot Store upstairs

If you are not a current member of AOPA, then what better time to join whilst you are there, or online now, using this link.


The London Flight Sim welcomes everybody for an introduction to flying or a fun-filled aerobatics afternoon. Available with instructor from just £60.00 per hour. Additional discounts are available for AOPA members. Please call 020 7834 1949 to make a booking or send Anthony and email at –

The creator of The London Flight Sim – Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is a broadcaster, private pilot and aviation journalist. He is frequently called upon for analysis and comment by the media when an aircraft incident is reported.

In addition to his media appearances Anthony finds time to promote General Aviation with the London Flight Sim in the basement of the AOPA Pilot Store in London Victoria.

From my personal experience, I can assure you that you will enjoy your experience at The London Flight Sim under the direction of the extremely proficient and amiable Anthony Davis.

A final thought……

Having taken my two sons to London for a few days and having spent, quite literally, hundreds of pounds on food, fun, attractions and entry tickets, I asked them on the train back to Manchester what they had enjoyed most about our visit.

“The Flight Sim” they replied in harmony.

It was my first time on a flight sim and I was blown away by the realism of the room, set up and total experience. I would agree with my lads, absolutely. There is nothing quite like landing the Dreamliner at Heathrow. Nothing quite like it at all!

Andy’s dream of learning to fly after he’d retired came early when he gained his PPL(A) in early 2014. Flying from City Airport Manchester (Barton), he visits as many airports, aerodromes, airfields and farm strips as he can, filming many of his expeditions. He is keen to support and promote General Aviation.

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