There are thousands of aircraft flying over the UK and around the world right now. The people at the controls all have one thing in common:

None of them were born as pilots

But entering the world of aviation can seem daunting, so we started Get Into Flying to change that.

Whether you want a career in aviation, to compete as a sport, or just to fly for fun, we want to help you achieve your ambition. Whether its practical advice on how to train, tips on how to take your first steps, or just inspiration, we aim to give you the information and resources you need to succeed.

We want to prove that the boundaries around flying are not insurmountable, and offer the benefit of our own experience to prove that flying can be for you.

Flying is a magical experience. It offers the mental and physical challenge of learning a new skill that depends on practice and determination. It also has the potential to provide a rewarding and unique career, the opportunity to travel, and a global family among its practitioners.