Cirrus Aircraft reveals the 2022 G6 SR series

From Cirrus Aircraft press release

Cirrus Aircraft has revealed the 2022 G6 SR Series featuring a refined aircraft design with reduced drag for increased fuel efficiency, Cirrus IQ™ mobile app updates and the freedom to pair premium Xi aesthetic options. Cirrus say that the 2022 G6 SR reaches all new levels of sophistication, performance and customer convenience. 

“The model year 2022 G6 SR is refreshed to seamlessly sync with your life,” said Ivy McIver, Director of the SR Series Product Line. “This latest update to the G6 embodies our passion for continued innovation and commitment to design.”

Now in its sixth generation with over 8,000 aircraft delivered, the SR Series is a high-performance, single-engine piston aircraft with which Cirrus aim to provide seamless luxury, exceptional performance, intelligent connectivity and unparalleled safety features.

“The new G6 SR Series is a testament to our devotion to constantly enhance both comfort and safety features across our product lines,” said Zean Nielsen, CEO of Cirrus Aircraft. “In 2022, we are poised to continue as the market leader in personal aviation and streamline the flying experience with the G6 SR Series aircraft.” 

Faster, More Fuel Efficient, Better Range 

The 2022 model year G6 SR is the fastest to date featuring sleeker wing and tail surfaces and redesigned wheel pants, resulting in true airspeeds of up to 9 knots faster. The new model’s ice panel transition seams are smoothed and wheel pant tolerances tightened to reduce drag. These aerodynamic refinements contribute to both reduced fuel consumption and faster flight segments. 

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