A Woman’s Place

Why is recruiting more female pilots seemingly beyond the wit of man?

Failure IS an option

Pilot training will prepare you well for technical failures; but what do you do when the failure is personal?

Reaching New Heights In 2021 (Part 2)

Charlie continues to prove why hang-gliding is such an accessible, and addictive, sport

Electric Flight: Stress Testing the Future with NEBO Air

‘Boldly going where nobody has gone before, NEBO Air are stress-testing commercial electric-powered flight in the UK. In the process, they might just be laying the foundations for the entire future of British General Aviation.’

Reaching new heights in 2021!

Follow Charlie through her hang gliding life as she challenges the norm and proves both the physical and mental benefits of this fantastic sport. A perfect way to beat the 2020 blues!

Life as a pro gliding instructor

Jordan Bridge is one of the few full-time gliding instructors in the UK, also spending much of the winter taking advantage of better weather in Australia. He discusses the unique challenges of this unusual career.

Flying training: Is the reward worth the risk?

In the current economic and healthcare crisis, Jack recalls his own difficult path to the cockpit, and considers whether the rewards of a career in aviation are worth the risk.

Game Season

Flight simulation isn't just for the professionals, but Jon argues that home flight sims have more benefits than you might think

Flying South for the Winter

Like many birds, last year I found myself fighting a magnetic pull to travel south for the winter. As winter drew closer I was...

Pie in the sky

The pilot shortage is a crisis of quality not quantity, and the resolution won’t be found in the flying schools.


Garmin introduces Smart Glide

Smart Glide joins Autoland as part of the Garmin Autonomí™ range of flight automation features

Net Zero Carbon fuel to power World Championship Air Race

World Championship Air Race (WCAR) has announced plans to run its fleet of high-performance race planes on zero net carbon aviation fuel.

Lincolnshire gets second Air Ambulance for summer season

An AW109 will help Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance deal with expected summer surge in tourism

CAA certifies HeliSAS autopilot for Bell 505

The Genesys HeliSAS stability augmentation and autopilot will be available on new Bell 505 Jetranger X aircraft, and for retro-fit.

Bob Hoover’s Mustang added to the Flying Bulls fleet

Hoover flew the aircraft to open the world-famous air races at Reno. Now it will be displayed and operated by Red Bull at their Salzburg base.