Jordan lives and breathes gliding. Having started at 14 and gone solo at 15, he has now flown multiple types of sailplanes, old and new, all over the world. In his second year of professional instructing he now splits his time teaching people of all levels to fly, at the Lasham Gliding Society & Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Australia.


Life as a pro gliding instructor

Jordan Bridge is one of the few full-time gliding instructors in the UK, also spending much of the winter taking advantage of better weather in Australia. He discusses the unique challenges of this unusual career.

Junior Gliding – The most fun you can have in the sky!

The lack of an engine isn't stopping the UK's Junior Gliding movement from driving the country's aviation industry forward.

Gliding. A sport of diverse opportunities

Aerobatics Aerobatics like in powered flight are an established and growing part of gliding. Nearly all gliders are certified for aerobatic flight of some description and...

Gliding, the cheapest and most fun way to fly.

Then consider Gliding, an air sport in the UK that dates back to the 1920s and since then has become one of the UKs most...