Jon first flew in a glider aged seven, and after that he never wanted to do anything else. He has flown both helicopters and aeroplanes professionally, and in his spare time is a contributor to various aviation publications. He started Get Into Flying as a way to tell people what he's been saying for years. "If I can do it, you can too."


A Woman’s Place

Why is recruiting more female pilots seemingly beyond the wit of man?

The X factor – flying the Bell 505

Jon flies the Bell 505 to see if it delivers on the promise of the Jet Ranger name.

Failure IS an option

Pilot training will prepare you well for technical failures; but what do you do when the failure is personal?

Game Season

Flight simulation isn't just for the professionals, but Jon argues that home flight sims have more benefits than you might think

Soft skills are hard

The pilot shortage is a crisis of quality not quantity, and the resolution won’t be found in the flying schools.