Skyborne orders electric training aircraft from Bye Aerospace

Skyborne Airline Academy has completed purchase deposits for six Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2 and four eFlyer 4 all-electric airplanes, which will be added...

Your first visit to the flying school

Starting any new hobby or sport can seem intimidating, and aviation is no different. Here’s what to expect on your first visit to the airfield.

Airbus Helicopters H160 certified by European regulator

Airbus Helicopters’ multi-role twin engine H160 has been granted its type certificate by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), marking a new...

EASA certifies five-bladed Airbus Helicopters H145

Airbus Helicopters’ five-bladed H145 has been certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), clearing the way for customer deliveries towards the end of summer 2020.

Flying Aeroplanes

Aeroplanes fly by propelling themselves forward with enough speed that the air flowing over the wing can lift the entire machine off the...