Get Into Flying was founded as a blog in 2012 to inspire, inform and support anybody interested in aviation and aerospace. We have broad experience; between us we’ve flown almost every class of aircraft either professionally, for sport or for leisure. We are lucky to attract content from a broad range of contributors and bloggers, but at our core is a small team that have given countless hours of their valuable time to help make Get Into Flying what it is today. They are:



Jon first flew in a glider aged seven, and after that he never wanted to do anything else. He has flown both helicopters and aeroplanes professionally, and in his spare time is a contributor to various aviation publications. He started Get Into Flying as a way to tell people what he's been saying for years. "If I can do it, you can too."


Blogs Editor

Martin began his professional career flying helicopters, but has since followed the modular route over to fixed-wing flying. He is also one of our resident drone experts, a professional unmanned aircraft operator who flies survey and filming tasks around the UK.


Free Flight Contributor

Charlie was inspired to take up hang-gliding at 16 by her dad. After just a week of training she began flying with a club and is now taking part in the British open series competition and expanding her cross-country experience. She aims to encourage young people to try the sport, and prove that it’s possible to juggle work and flying!


Aeroplanes Editor

Jack was also lucky to get an early exposure to aviation, and now flies the 787 Dreamliner as a First Officer for a major UK-based passenger carrier. He is passionate about grass-roots aviation, flying his own Starduster and a Decathlon. He is also a glider pilot, having represented the UK at glider aerobatics.


Gliding Contributor

Jordan lives and breathes gliding. Having started at 14 and gone solo at 15, he has now flown multiple types of sailplanes, old and new, all over the world. In his fourth year of professional instructing, teaching people of all levels to fly. He is the deputy Chief Flying Instructor at the Lasham Gliding Society & spends the winter months at Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Australia.


Helicopters Contributor

Simon wasn't properly bitten by the flying bug until he had started learning to fly helicopters for a living. But having spent nearly a decade flying Sea King and Merlin helicopters all over the world, he now can't stay away from the cockpit. He currently flies helicopters in the UK as a private pilot and is enthusiastic about helping aspiring aviators develop a professional mindset.


Art Editor

Lloyd is a world class professional photographer specialising in aviation, and has shot aircraft for manufacturers and publishers all over the world. He is more at home operating in the back of an aircraft than at the controls, but we are always happy to have him along for the ride. He is passionate about portraying the personal stories in aviation.



Amy was a toddler when she first decided that she wanted to fly helicopters. Being determined in nature, she wasn’t prepared to wait and maintained several jobs in order to save up enough money to achieve her PPL(H) aged just 18. She is now working towards her CPL(H) and lives in Australia.